Data submission

Submission frequency

  • June 7 to 21: Testing period for data download and submission. Participants may submit as often as they would like
  • June 21 onwards: Participates may submit no more than once per hour.

To submit results, participants send in a set of files in the raw output format:

Raw output format

The raw output format is similar to the raw input format, but without the header file. The file name itself is irrelevant.

X.raw is a little-endian raster file with single-precision (32-bit) real-valued floats, and the fat images preceding the water images. (i.e. Both sets of images are concatenated into a single raster file. Order of fat followed by water is important.)

The number of floats in the output file is X x Y x Z x 2, where X, Y, and Z indicate the array size of the original data, and 2 refers to the presence of the fat and water images.

Sample scripts to read and write Raw data format
(Provided AS IS, without guarantee; please send us improvements to the code you are willing to share with the community)

1 Mathworks, Natick, MA
2 Exelis Visual Information Solutions, Inc.

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