ISMRM Challenge

ISMRM Challenge is an initiative to foster impactful innovation in MRI applications and methodology through a series of year-around competitions. It follows the footstep of previous successful challenges, such as MRI Unbound.

Premise of ISMRM Challenge:

  • Focuses on 1 – 2 topics each year on unmet needs that have potential to impact the field and clinical practice
  • Starts at ISMRM annual conference and lasts for 1 or more years
  • Contestants can join throughout the year as individuals or teams (Submission rules and timelines tailored to every Challenge)
  • Results from participating teams will be tested against pre-determined metrics to be defined for each Challenge, with online leader board updated continuously
  • Winning team announced at ISMRM annual conference in concluding year
Contact Jeff Tsao or Alexey Samsonov if you have an idea for a future ISMRM Challenge or would like to get involved